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Visitors FAQs

Q. Where can I purchase the tickets, before the event?

A. Tickets will be available for sale through event website.

Q. I’ve not purchased the tickets before the event, will the tickets be available at the event venue?

A. Yes, tickets will be available at the venue. However, if event tickets are fully sold-out to venue capacity before the event date, then ticket sales will not be available at the venue. Please visit event website or official social media channels before visiting the event for latest updates.

Q. I’ve purchased the event tickets in advance, however I will not be able attend the event. Can I claim refund of my ticket?

A. No, tickets sold are non-refundable, unless the event gets cancelled, before opening.

Q. What is the best time to visit the event?

A. Each day has a different theme of show-car participating and driving into the venue starting from 4:00 PM onwards, if you want to welcome all cars entering into the venue then arrive by 4:00 PM. If you’re visiting the event for limited time then you can enter the venue around 6:00 PM. Most of the event activities start after 6:00 PM!

Q. Is there a dedicated Visitor Parking Facility available for the event visitors?

A. Yes, dedicated parking facility is available Free of Cost to all event visitors. The parking space is located in basement level of DFC Mall.

Q. Is the venue accessible for Disabled Visitor Parking closer to the venue?

A. Yes, venue is accessible for any disabled parking. Event crew will be pleased to provide all assistance and they will guide you to the reserved parking slots for Disabled Parking next to event venue.

Q. Can I re-enter the venue if I exit?

A. Yes, you can re-enter the venue as long as you’re wearing your wrist band for the same day pass or three days pass.

Q. My wrist-band after using is accidently damaged, can I exit the venue and still re-enter?

A. If you wish to re-enter, then please contact event crew for getting a replaced wrist-band, security will not allow you to re-enter the venue with a damaged wrist-band.

Q. I’ve participated in the event competition that was subject to winning a prize. However I’ve not received any feedback from the event organizers?

A. Only competition winners will be contacted by event organizers. If you’ve not won the competition prize then event organizers will not contact you regarding any details or information about your participation in event.

Q. I’ve been informed of winning a prize through the event raffle, however I’ve already left the venue. How the prize will be delivered?

A. You will be requested to revisit the event venue and contact Ticketing / Info Booth to claim your prize. You will be requested to prove your identity and sharing the ticket reference. Incase, you are unable to revisit the event then your prize will be handed-over to the event organizers that can be claimed and collected within five days after the event.

Q. Can I get cash against the prize?

A. No, there is no prize substitute or cash alternatives, neither any prize will be transferable.

Q. Can I bring my children at the event?

A. Yes, children are allowed at the event. All children below the age of 13 years will be allowed free access, however they must be accompanied by adult guardian or parents.

The event organizers do not encourage to bring infants to the event, as some of the show-cars can be extremely loud ranging above 90+ dB at ground-level. In case you are visiting the event with children then it is advised to have distant viewing of any show-cars performing any acts. Event organizers will not responsible for any inconvenience.

Q. Can the participant cars in venue or drift-cars in action arena get very loud?

A. Yes, the participant show-cars or drift-cars while performing acts can get extremely loud and at times ranging over 90+ dB at ground-level.

Caution: It is advisable for tinnitus patients to use ear-plugs while attending the event or have distant viewing of any cars performing acts. Event organizers will not responsible for any inconvenience.

Q. I’ve caused damage to the goods and items of the exhibitor during the event. What would be the consequences?

A. Any such incident will be directly managed by affected event exhibitor, partner or sponsor in support from event security. Event organizers will not provide any assistance between your dealings with the event partners, exhibitors or sponsors.

Q. The participant cars in venue or car activities in action arena can cause any harm?

A. Yes, motoring stunts in the action arena are dangerous. Event organizer and security takes all possible safety precautions, however, it is the sole decision and responsibility of event visitor for attending the event and visiting action arena, where event organizers do not accept any responsibility of personal injury or accident. Some of the show-cars by participants can also throw flames, it is advised to keep safe distance from the show-cars in such scenario.

Q. Will there be any Ambulance at the venue for any medical handling?

A. Yes, ambulances will be located at the venue during entire public timings of event.

Q. I’ve got injury during the event by mistake of other visitor or participant or by any of the event activities. What should I do?

A. Immediately approach event crew for on-site paramedics assistance. All event participants are covered under Public Liability Insurance. Please visit Information Centre for necessary support!

Q. Can I bring food from outside?

A. No, outside food will not be allowed by the security to carry inside the venue. F&B stands will be available inside the venue. You may also visit DFC Mall food outlets and re-enter the venue.

Q. Is there a mosque nearby event venue?

A. Yes, nearest mosque is inside DFC Mall and about 3-5 minutes of walking distance.

Q. I’ve queries regarding the event or future events. Whom should I contact?

A. You can approach Information Centre for any queries during the event. Alternatively, you may also reach event organizers through official social media platforms or by visiting

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